kelly i ( & Sue too!) Home (& beyond)


The above image comes from my first blog, an off-shoot of my original web site ( – which has now morphed into It was one of the last photos I took on our European tour of 2008-2009.  We both love to travel and have done so for years.  With the advent of the internet communications with friends and family transitioned to the web.  Free for all to see.

This year (2018) we’ve made some decisions regarding our travels: less overseas and more  road travel.  Plus, I realized I typically only updated our blog while travelling.  Sad, considering our home (Pender Island, BC, Canada) is an amazing place. So…

A new format, an incentive to load bigger photos and  more words about Home and Life in general.  A bit of a challenge but join us and see where we go.  Because, even when we’re Home we’re having Adventures.

Off to the side there >>> you’ll find the Archives (with all our Posts) and an Instagram widget  (where my phone photos appear).

(September 2018): It’s a new format for me to work out so bear with me… hopefully by the time I go back to India (mid October) I’ll have this sorted!