From Mawlamyine we traveled by riverboat to Hpa-an. The landscape gradually changed from flat delta land to karst mountains.

near Hpa-an, Myanmar

Karst Landscape

We spent a day touring the local sights including several caves and an amazing balancing rock pagoda.

cave near Hpa-an

Kawgun Cave

Kyauk Kalap, Myanmar

Kyauk Kalap

Saddar Cave, Myanmar

Saddar Cave and the Secret Lake

We had been invited to visit a local Buddhist-Hindu festival by one of the sand painting designers. When we arrived they were giving away free food. We also made a guest appearance lighting candles; we were both photographed and videotaped!

Buddhist festival in Hpa-an

Free Ice Cream

monks in Hpa-an

Reciprocal Photograph

hand cranked carousel at Hpa-an

Hand Turned Carousel

The man who kept the merry-go-round going looks as bored as a carny worker anywhere in the world!



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2 responses to “Hpa-an

  1. Caves! I love exploring caves! And also, how does the stone in Kyauk Kalap supports itself. It’s kinda scary but really amazing! 🙂

  2. Kirsti

    Looks and sounds like you’re having a wonderful trip! Great to get the updates from you now:)

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