Nha Trang aka The Beach

A day long bus ride from Saigon to Nha Trang…

Saigon River, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Crossing the Saigon River

New buildings rise above the old everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City.

tower, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Industrial Past

But in some places the old still rise above the new.

And accidents will happen…

accident on Highway, Vietnam

Accident Scene in Passing

Although long the ride was interesting. Somewhere north of Saigon, as we rose into the hills, we started seeing butterflies streaming past like snowflakes in the breeze. We passed tree plantations where the trees, planted in long geometric rows, created interesting optical effects. We passed numerous Christian churches, which we’d never seen anywhere else in Vietnam or Cambodia. And around Mui Ne, we entered sand country.

Mui Ne, Vietnam

Sign of the Times

Mui Ne, one of Vietnam’s premier beach resort towns, is situated on a headland poking out into the ocean. Endless resorts line the highway, including those under development and those that never happened (like the one above). Yellow sand mixes with white sand mixes with red sand to produce a fascinating landscape.

Around dusk (how is it that buses always arrived around dusk?) we arrived in Nha Trang. We caught a taxi to our hotel of choice where the only available room had three double beds. As Sue was starting to feel the effects of a cold we opted for space and took the room. It was comfy and had an excellent view towards the beach.

view from Pho Bien Hotel balcony, Nha Trang, Vietnam

View from Hotel Balcony

Sue fought the cold for several days so we stayed in Nha Trang a bit longer than we originally planned. Although a bit of a resort/party town it was fairly mellow and the beach was delectable (rated as one of the 10 best bays in the world).

Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

The Beach

Our first day I walked the beach end to end while Sue rested. Sue felt up for going out for dinner in the evening so we stopped at Lanterns Restaurant which not only served delicious food but also supported local orphans (we tried to patronize businesses that provided community support whenever possible).

Lanterns Restaurant, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Sue Enjoying Lanterns Restaurant

The next day Sue was totally under the weather so I ventured out for food and caught up on the blog. The next day she felt a bit better so we walked on the beach. The weather had turned and it was windy with big waves surfing onto the beach.

surf on Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Surf's Up!

Some people continued to jump into the water, no matter how strong the surf…

enjoying the surf, Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

In the Surf

We just watched, and listened to, it roll in.

surf, Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Endless Surf

and more surf, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Sue with the Surf

All that ozone seemed to be improving Sue’s health.

The next day the wind dropped and we spent some serious time on the beach. As the sun set we walked down the promenade viewing the passing scene.

vendor on Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Vendor Looking at the Beach

beach umbrellas, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Beach Umbrellas

Although there were sights to be seen around Nha Trang we spent the next two days lounging on lounge chairs under beach umbrellas at the Sailing Club. Sue recuperated as we relaxed and swam. We also did a bit of low key shopping. My favourite shop was Bambou: excellent designs on good fabrics in my size!

Bambou Company, Nha Trang, Vietnam


We did do a little kite flying while in Nha Trang also. If you remember our blog of our trip to Europe last year you may remember our failed attempts at kite flying in Koroni, Greece. We saw the locals flying kites and thought we’d try our hand, but to no avail. Well, we saw lots of kites been flown at a plaza right behind the beach in Nha Trang so we bought one from a street vendor and tried again to play in the breezes.

Sue Kronen flying a kite, Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Sue Flies the Kite

Kelly Irving flies kite, Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Kelly Flies the Kite

We got the kite up there and then some kids came along and so we gave the string to a little girl. She was having such fun, and we knew we couldn’t take the kite with us, we gifted her the kite.

girl with kite, Nha Trang Beach, Vietnam

Girl with Kite

When the stage went up next to our lounge chairs and the bass started thumping we decided it was time to move on.

Sailing Club stage, Nha Trang, Vietnam

Setting the Stage

Nha Trang was a lovely place to spend some time, but as Sue said, if she hadn’t been sick, we probably wouldn’t have spent so much time there, as it was a bit more touristic and party mode than what we normally would have sought (e.g. our island paradise in Cambodia).

see you again, Nha Trang, Vietnam

See You Again Nha Trang

We caught an all-night bus to Hoi An. The Bus Ride from Hell, as far as I was concerned. The sleeper seat was too short for me, and I never sleep on all-night buses anyways. Plus the conductor was rude and officious. And the driver was typical: hit the accelerator, hit the brakes. The up-side was we arrived in Hoi An: a UNESCO World Heritage city that captures a Vietnam of years gone by.


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